Mural by Helen Bur for 10 Years Parcours Street Art

Painted by Helen Bur
Curated by All About Things for 10 Years Parcours Street Art Brussels

Still in the Cité Modèle, Helen Bur created new work as well as Momo did. We have already collaborated with the British artist several times in the past – the poignant portrait of Belgian rock god Arno at Ostend’s Town Hall is her creation – and once again she has produced a striking mural. A diptych even! On mental health.

On one side, a woman pulls a hoop over her head and stands with her back turned to the world. As if she is locked inside her head and does not want to make contact with the people around her. On the other side, she has taken off the hoop and we get to see her face. Helen Bur seeks to make mental health even more prevalent with this remarkable piece of work.