Helen B. Celebrating Hélène Dutrieu with Curated Mural in Brussels | Street Art in Belgium

Painted by HELEN B.
Curated by All About Things for City of Brussels

Hélène Dutrieu’s story is too crazy to just name a street after her,” a Brussels magazine reported two years ago when the city inaugurated Hélène Dutrieu Street. As the world’s first female cycling champion and the first female pilot, this Belgian icon made a significant mark across Europe as a stuntwoman and showed remarkable bravery against the Germans during both WWI and WWII.

Clearly, such a life story deserves more than just a street name. To honor her legacy and to kick off our street art curation in Belgium, we invited Ghent artist helen b. to paint three portraits of Dutrieu on various walls in Brussels. Naturally, these artworks are rendered in her distinctive black-and-white style.

For City of Brussels with helen b.
Curated and organised by All About Things.
Photos by Jules Césure.